Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time for the war to begin! LIZARDMEN!

Ive been planning on making a Fantasy army ever since I started 40k but I never got started due to the rumors of 8th Edition. When I heard the rumors were confirmed I wanted to start a Fantasy army but couldnt because of financial reasons. So my friend Derryl made a deal with me that he'd get me a Battalion of my choice to get me started if I painted up some of his Dark Elves to help him prepare for Games Day 2010. So I painted up his hydra and calvary as well as one of his lords that needed to be rebased and balanced. I was thinking about what I should do as an army, at first I wanted to do Vampire counts but I thought they were a bit too advanced for a first army. I thought about Skaven but I didnt like the whole sewer rat thing. So I looked into Lizardmen and they were PERFECT! I love the whole Shaman thing they have. So when a big shop sale started I got the Army book for Liazardmen and Derryl got the Battalion for me to start me off.

After I got home with arms full of boxes I went right to work assembling the models. It comes with 50 models. it has 12 skinks, 10 Temple Guard, 8 Calvary, and 20 Warriors with all optional wargear....except for the Skinks that didnt have a Musician or Standard Bearer. So I decided to convert one Skink into one using a bit from the Calvary sprue. Now since it came with 12 skinks and i only needed 10 in a formation I took one out and converted it into a Skink Priest taking a Javelin cutting the head off and adding a greenstuff orb making it a Staff of the Lost Sun, I also added a Shield giving it an enchanted one keeping with my 50 point magic item limit. Also I found a huge score, the Calvary came with these Scenic peices that are snakes...I had a 40mm base lying around so i stuck one on it and make it a Jungle Swarm! I have 3 more snake bits I plan on using for 3 more snake swarms if the one swarm does well in a game.

My Lizardmen will not be my main focus as of now. My Chaos Marines are still my main focus. But I will be getting a Skink Chief in a week or so and I will be saving up for thr 8th edition rulebook so i can actually play the army effectively. So keep an eye for any upcoming Lizardmen videos on Youtube.

Goodnight and Good Luck!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry its been awhile

I know its been awhile since the last blog post but im currently working on plans for Games Day Chicago 2011. Jeremy and I most likely will be taking a train up there and staying at a hotel.

As of youtube I will be trying to get some vids up but stress and depression is getting to me but i will try my best.