Monday, November 1, 2010

'ard Boyz 2011

Ive been talking to Dave about an 'ard Boyz list using Chaos Space Marines. He basically said, "Speed and long ranged to deal with Mech Guard, Eldar and Dark Eldar." I thought for a moment and knew what id need. Im working on a Nurgle Lord on Bike with Powerfist and Combi-Melta to help with assault support and to help knock out transports. But having a single lord on bike with no support for him will be suicide, so I figured some Nurgle bikers would do nicely, but 33 points per biker and 50 points for Mark of Nurgle is alot of points but for Toughness 6 and Relentless makes them more survivable. Im going to make a Biker Champion with Power Fist and two bikers with Meltaguns to pop transports and assault whats in them, as well as tanks and maybe other things as well *evil smirk*. Ill keep the Lord with the Bikers to maximise thier strength and so he cant be singled out in shooting.

Im going to also have two units of Plague Marines in Rhinos equipped with Power Fists and two Meltaguns each, but I may mix it up a bit with Plasma Guns as well. They will be used to run up and hit vehicles as well as any other unfortunate victim that strays too close. If points allow im going to have third Rhino with a 10 man Basic Squad of Marines with Meltagun and Missle Launcher but that has not been finalised. Depending on the scenario i may swap out units and add some summoned daemons to hold objectives and whatnot.

For Heavy Support I want to field 3 Obliterators and one or two Defilers with Twin-Linked Lascannons. Thats pretty much the idea of long ranged support. I dont want to field armor over 12 due to Lances. Thats pretty much it for Heavy Support.

But im going to be working in a Daemon Prince and maybe termies but idk yet.

I will be entering the first round at Dream Wizards if they are doing it