Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn heat!!!

Its makign my computer overheat and it suuuuuucks! No new vids for a while till i get a new computer fan and an AC unit to cool off my room.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bowie Battle Bunker OPENING DAY!!

Yes I was there because I was very curious. Joe and I decided to drive an hour to get there only to find out it wasn't bad. You could find a game almost instantly. I got into a nice game against a guy who played Horde Orks. I brought out the old Swamp Breakers I haven't played for almost a year and surprising fought well even though I lost. I don't have pictures of the fight but I do have some of a battle between Chaos and Space Wolves.

But first to the store itself.

Here is an overview of it about halfway through the day.


Not too crowded once the day went on. Joe played a game with his Vampire Counts and WON! A game to where Joe actually WON a game...even though it was a 2 on 2 game but whatever.

So I ran into a table with Chaos Space Marines...these weren't normal Chaos Marines. These were awesomely painted space marines with armor that looks polished!! I was stunned. Even though he told me how to paint it...I Will not spread word of the technique or I may anger the Gods of Chaos!!. Here was an overveiw of that board.

Space Wolves(Left) VS Chaos Space Marines! (Right)


It was 5 Objectives Pitched Battle. I didnt stay for the whole game but Chaos pulled out the win! FOR CHAOS! and pancakes! \o/

Here were some of the models on that board. Chaos was best painted and converted hands down.

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (Kinda Blurry)


Chaos Lord of Nurgle with Plague Reaper (Coolest Chaos Lord conversion ive seen yet)


Chaos Plague Marines


Chaos Noise Marines

(Didnt take picture of them)

Chaos Thousand Sons


Chaos Khorne Berzerkers




Annnnd some puppies



Nurgle Lord NEVER die! (Literally he didnt die at all and got NO wounds. And those termies died))



So yeah thats it. Ill have more pics up soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silent Knight Allies and Fluff

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Allied Forces**
~~Swamp Terrors~~

==Current Information==
-First appearence 339.M41 during a skirmish with Imperial Forces on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Imperial Forces suffered heavy casualties.

-Splintered off from the Swamp Breakers during the Androm Heretic War and fled through portals to the Eye of Terror with the Silent Knights.

-They are dedicated solely to Nurgle

-They are under command of Lord Zakk

-Current numbers are suspected to be low due to a low count of missing bodies after the Heretic War. It is unknown if they have a source of recruits via the Silent Knights or elsewhere.

-The Swamp Terrors bodies are rotted and decayed yet still fully functional.

-The Swamp Terrors are seen fused with thier weapons partially or fully. It is unknown if its a form of the Obliterator Virus but fusion rate is very low and has only been seen in thier hands and arms.

-Rot and pus ooze from thier joints and vents.


~~Death Guard~~

==Current Information==

-First appearence alongside Silent Knights 665.M41 during a raid of a small supply depo on an isolated world. *Record of location deleted*

-Is it suspected that a small detatchment has joined the Silent Knights to assist the Swamp Terrors with recruitment. A new theory as to why Death Guard marines have joined the warband without absorbing fully is because the Death Guard and Silent Knights are discussing an Alliance. This information is unconfirmed as of 995.M41.

-An unknown high ranking Death Guard has been spotted by deep infiltrating scouts speaking with Daemon Sorcerer Dimitri of the Silent Knights and Lord Zakk of the Swamp Terrors. Scout was killed after sending out the information about the gathering. 995.M41


==Silent Knight Information==

-Silent Knights are occupying a small planet inside the Eye of Terror not far from the edge. The planet has two moons with no sun, the warp energy illuminates the sky as if its daylight all over the world. The planet has a breatheable atmosphere with a few small bodies of water that covers about 30 percent of the surface. The plant life seems to be of mutated species of what orginally was on the planet before it was pulled into the Eye of Terror. The trees and plants do not need sunlight to grow, they feed off of the warp energy that flows around the planet. Due to how far the planet is from the center of the Eye, warp levels are rather low and therefor mutation is low risk, plant life is sustainable and animal life seems lightly mutated although most animals are small and energy efficient. Both of the planet's moons have the same atmosphere and small lakes with simular life.

-The Silent Knight's planet is currently unnamed

-Due to the planet being so close to the edge of the Eye makes Infiltrating effective. Although every infiltration is failed once infiltrators reach the surface. Its as if the Warband can feel the presence of outsiders.

-The Silent Knight's total warband numbers have been estimated to be around 400 strong. Thier numbers increase around 150 every 100 years with low casualties.

-The Silent Knights Warband is not known to strike first, they only strike back when attacked. They are conservative, looting equipment from fallen foes and looting tanks and vehicles to be converted for the Warband.

-The Warband is built on a Cult based system. Each Cult is a small group of marines ranging from 3 to 20 members. Each Cult has a Champion of a certain patron god and all members of the cult follow the Champion. Each Cult is given equipment and vehicles depending on how well they have served the warband. Usually Cults are given weapons that suit thier role. Some Cults dont have a Champion, usually a single marine carries a mark or banner of the patron god and leads them into battle. Each Champion is a member of the Silent Knight Council that is made up of the High Lords such as the Grand Lord (In this case Daemon Sorcerer Lord Dimitri), the Lord Sorcerers, Faction Lords (Such as Lord Zakk and the unknown Death Guard Lord) and all of the Champions of each existing Cult. The Grand Lord is the overall Leader of the Warband and has the final decistion, the Lord Sorcerers and Faction Lords fall under the Grand Lord then all the Cult Champions fall under the Lord Sorcerer and Faction Lords. Each Cult is free to act on its own as long as it doesnt effect the Warband as a whole.

-There is currently only one Unnamed Sorcerer Lord, he wears Terminator armor and worships Tzeentch. He never speaks on the battlefield. This Sorcerer is often seen with his personal Cult of heavily armored Terminators that is always seen on the frontlines casting powerful spells as his Terminator Cult mows down oncoming enemies.

-It seems the Silent Knights are fortifieing thier adopted planet with lunar defence platforms and a large fortress that is being contructed on the surface of the planet. Due to this the Warband has been on looting runs to various systems stealing supplies and destroying structures slavaging everything they can take back to thier planet.


More info and data coming soon

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silent Knights armor variants

So ive been thinking on how im going to paint my chaos warband the Silent Knights. So I got on Army Painter from Bolter And Chainsword I worked out several color variants for different allignments to each cult. I also made a Pre Heresy scheme with a bit of backstory to go with it. So here it is!

~~Silent Knight Pre Heresy Armor~~

*The Silent Knights before the Androm Heretic War were very noble and respectful. Always following thier code of valor and honor. They were proud of thier place in the Imperium and were added to the list for the next Feast of Blades. But thier Chapter Master Zarroth (Zarr from the story) decided to trick the Chapter into attacking thier neighbor Chapter the Swamp Breakers and therefor forcing themselves to go into Heresy. Thier planet was a snowy planet with massive blizzards and titantic glaciers. The armor is mostly white with icey blue accent peices to act as a rough camoflague.*

~~Silent Knight Post Heresy Armor~~

*After thier Heresy the Silent Knights reconfigured the paint on thier armor so most of it is icey blue with a silver trim and white shoulder pads to honor the marines who died in the Heretic War. This honoring is not understood by recruits and pre heresy traditions are usually not followed but a few of the remaining original Silent Knights follow the traditions and teach it to others in order to keep it alive. This armor is a strict standard to all marines who have not risen in rank.*

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Champion Status Color Schemes**

Those few who have risen past the rank of a standard soldier shall choose to follow a patron God and command his own Cult. A Cult in the Silent Knights are small groups of marines within the Warband who worship a chosen patron god or Chaos as a whole. The leading Champion has the same priveleges as a Lord or Sorcerer Lord yet still fall under command of them. The Champion may adopt addtional colors to show loyalty to thier patron God. Below are examples of the Champion Schemes.

~~Silent Knight Champion Undivided~~

*Champions who choose to worship Chaos as a whole adopt more white into thier armor in the manner they see fit. The only restriction is the standard white areas cannot be painted blue or any other color and the silver trim may not be repainted. And the chestplate must repainted white.*

~~Champion of Tzeentch Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Tzeentch paint thier chest Silver. Up to three limbs may be repainted silver but one limb must remain standard. The left shoulderpad is repainted a rich blue with gold trim to show loyalty to Tzeentch. The vent or trim (If there) on top of the Helmit is repainted the same blue as the shoulder and any emblem on the belt is repainted gold. The Right shoulderpad must remain standard*

~~Chapmion of Khorne Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Khorne must repaint his chestplate a blood red. He may choose to repaint his bracers and fists red as well as his shinplates and feet. Or repaint one entire leg and one entire arm. But they may choose any combination as long as the red is balanced with the blue. The Left shoulderpad is repainted to the same red as the armor and the shoulderpad trim is painted bronze to show loyalty to Khorne, any icon on the belt is painted bronze. The right shoulder must remain standard and all trim other then the left shoulder must remain silver. The vent or trim on top of the helmit (If any) must be repainted blood red.*

~~Champion of Slannesh Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Slannesh must repaint thier chestplate a vibrant pink or other erotic color. Up to two entire limbs may be repainted pink or black, or any combination of the two. The Champion may repaint his backpack black, pink, or any combination of the two. The left shoulderpad must be painted pink with black trim to show loyalty to Slannesh. The right shoulderpad must remain standard. The pelvis area may be painted pink or black with any icon the representing color. Any trim on the arms and legs must remain standard.*

~~Champion of Nurgle Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Nurgle must repaint his chestplate a sickly or rotting green. They may repaint the belt and up to two limbs the same green as the chest. The left shoulderpad must be repainted the same green as the chest with a dark rustic color or darker green trim to show loyalty to Nurgle. Any icons on the belt must be repainted the same color as the left shoulder trim. The right shoulderpad must remain standard. Any trim on the arms or legs must remain standard.*

So thats all the Cult Champions colors and whatnot, lemme know what you all think?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doubles Tournament at Big Larry's Comic Book Cafe!

I know its been almost 2 months since my last post. Ive been busy with the holidays as well as working on my Lizardmen and Chaos Marines.

But on January 29th there will be a cool tournament at Big Larry's Comic Book Cafe in Leonardtown Maryland. It is going to be a doubles tag team tournament using 1250 points per player 2500 points per side. It will have three rounds using a point system similar to 'ard Boyz. There will be three scenarios that have yet to be announced. You cannot change your list every round. You must play with the SAME exact list all three rounds and must be within 10 points of 1250 points without going over, no more, no less.

The entry fee will be 5 dollars and will be put towards the grand prize. The Grand Prize will be a Battleforce of the winner's choice. The second place prize will be a 50 dollar box of the winner's choice. A third place prize has yet to be announced and it is not yet specified if the prize can be made into store credit. The Tournament organizer Sean will add in the difference for the prize if the entry fees do not cover all of it (most likely it wont).

The only rules are no proxy and the model must be assembled, painting is not necessary. You MUST go by WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

I will enter the tournament with my Chaos Space Marines and use 3 troops in transports and have Heavy fire support.

I will add more info as the date comes near.

Monday, November 1, 2010

'ard Boyz 2011

Ive been talking to Dave about an 'ard Boyz list using Chaos Space Marines. He basically said, "Speed and long ranged to deal with Mech Guard, Eldar and Dark Eldar." I thought for a moment and knew what id need. Im working on a Nurgle Lord on Bike with Powerfist and Combi-Melta to help with assault support and to help knock out transports. But having a single lord on bike with no support for him will be suicide, so I figured some Nurgle bikers would do nicely, but 33 points per biker and 50 points for Mark of Nurgle is alot of points but for Toughness 6 and Relentless makes them more survivable. Im going to make a Biker Champion with Power Fist and two bikers with Meltaguns to pop transports and assault whats in them, as well as tanks and maybe other things as well *evil smirk*. Ill keep the Lord with the Bikers to maximise thier strength and so he cant be singled out in shooting.

Im going to also have two units of Plague Marines in Rhinos equipped with Power Fists and two Meltaguns each, but I may mix it up a bit with Plasma Guns as well. They will be used to run up and hit vehicles as well as any other unfortunate victim that strays too close. If points allow im going to have third Rhino with a 10 man Basic Squad of Marines with Meltagun and Missle Launcher but that has not been finalised. Depending on the scenario i may swap out units and add some summoned daemons to hold objectives and whatnot.

For Heavy Support I want to field 3 Obliterators and one or two Defilers with Twin-Linked Lascannons. Thats pretty much the idea of long ranged support. I dont want to field armor over 12 due to Lances. Thats pretty much it for Heavy Support.

But im going to be working in a Daemon Prince and maybe termies but idk yet.

I will be entering the first round at Dream Wizards if they are doing it

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time for the war to begin! LIZARDMEN!

Ive been planning on making a Fantasy army ever since I started 40k but I never got started due to the rumors of 8th Edition. When I heard the rumors were confirmed I wanted to start a Fantasy army but couldnt because of financial reasons. So my friend Derryl made a deal with me that he'd get me a Battalion of my choice to get me started if I painted up some of his Dark Elves to help him prepare for Games Day 2010. So I painted up his hydra and calvary as well as one of his lords that needed to be rebased and balanced. I was thinking about what I should do as an army, at first I wanted to do Vampire counts but I thought they were a bit too advanced for a first army. I thought about Skaven but I didnt like the whole sewer rat thing. So I looked into Lizardmen and they were PERFECT! I love the whole Shaman thing they have. So when a big shop sale started I got the Army book for Liazardmen and Derryl got the Battalion for me to start me off.

After I got home with arms full of boxes I went right to work assembling the models. It comes with 50 models. it has 12 skinks, 10 Temple Guard, 8 Calvary, and 20 Warriors with all optional wargear....except for the Skinks that didnt have a Musician or Standard Bearer. So I decided to convert one Skink into one using a bit from the Calvary sprue. Now since it came with 12 skinks and i only needed 10 in a formation I took one out and converted it into a Skink Priest taking a Javelin cutting the head off and adding a greenstuff orb making it a Staff of the Lost Sun, I also added a Shield giving it an enchanted one keeping with my 50 point magic item limit. Also I found a huge score, the Calvary came with these Scenic peices that are snakes...I had a 40mm base lying around so i stuck one on it and make it a Jungle Swarm! I have 3 more snake bits I plan on using for 3 more snake swarms if the one swarm does well in a game.

My Lizardmen will not be my main focus as of now. My Chaos Marines are still my main focus. But I will be getting a Skink Chief in a week or so and I will be saving up for thr 8th edition rulebook so i can actually play the army effectively. So keep an eye for any upcoming Lizardmen videos on Youtube.

Goodnight and Good Luck!