Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silent Knights armor variants

So ive been thinking on how im going to paint my chaos warband the Silent Knights. So I got on Army Painter from Bolter And Chainsword I worked out several color variants for different allignments to each cult. I also made a Pre Heresy scheme with a bit of backstory to go with it. So here it is!

~~Silent Knight Pre Heresy Armor~~

*The Silent Knights before the Androm Heretic War were very noble and respectful. Always following thier code of valor and honor. They were proud of thier place in the Imperium and were added to the list for the next Feast of Blades. But thier Chapter Master Zarroth (Zarr from the story) decided to trick the Chapter into attacking thier neighbor Chapter the Swamp Breakers and therefor forcing themselves to go into Heresy. Thier planet was a snowy planet with massive blizzards and titantic glaciers. The armor is mostly white with icey blue accent peices to act as a rough camoflague.*

~~Silent Knight Post Heresy Armor~~

*After thier Heresy the Silent Knights reconfigured the paint on thier armor so most of it is icey blue with a silver trim and white shoulder pads to honor the marines who died in the Heretic War. This honoring is not understood by recruits and pre heresy traditions are usually not followed but a few of the remaining original Silent Knights follow the traditions and teach it to others in order to keep it alive. This armor is a strict standard to all marines who have not risen in rank.*

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Champion Status Color Schemes**

Those few who have risen past the rank of a standard soldier shall choose to follow a patron God and command his own Cult. A Cult in the Silent Knights are small groups of marines within the Warband who worship a chosen patron god or Chaos as a whole. The leading Champion has the same priveleges as a Lord or Sorcerer Lord yet still fall under command of them. The Champion may adopt addtional colors to show loyalty to thier patron God. Below are examples of the Champion Schemes.

~~Silent Knight Champion Undivided~~

*Champions who choose to worship Chaos as a whole adopt more white into thier armor in the manner they see fit. The only restriction is the standard white areas cannot be painted blue or any other color and the silver trim may not be repainted. And the chestplate must repainted white.*

~~Champion of Tzeentch Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Tzeentch paint thier chest Silver. Up to three limbs may be repainted silver but one limb must remain standard. The left shoulderpad is repainted a rich blue with gold trim to show loyalty to Tzeentch. The vent or trim (If there) on top of the Helmit is repainted the same blue as the shoulder and any emblem on the belt is repainted gold. The Right shoulderpad must remain standard*

~~Chapmion of Khorne Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Khorne must repaint his chestplate a blood red. He may choose to repaint his bracers and fists red as well as his shinplates and feet. Or repaint one entire leg and one entire arm. But they may choose any combination as long as the red is balanced with the blue. The Left shoulderpad is repainted to the same red as the armor and the shoulderpad trim is painted bronze to show loyalty to Khorne, any icon on the belt is painted bronze. The right shoulder must remain standard and all trim other then the left shoulder must remain silver. The vent or trim on top of the helmit (If any) must be repainted blood red.*

~~Champion of Slannesh Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Slannesh must repaint thier chestplate a vibrant pink or other erotic color. Up to two entire limbs may be repainted pink or black, or any combination of the two. The Champion may repaint his backpack black, pink, or any combination of the two. The left shoulderpad must be painted pink with black trim to show loyalty to Slannesh. The right shoulderpad must remain standard. The pelvis area may be painted pink or black with any icon the representing color. Any trim on the arms and legs must remain standard.*

~~Champion of Nurgle Scheme~~

*Champions who choose the path of Nurgle must repaint his chestplate a sickly or rotting green. They may repaint the belt and up to two limbs the same green as the chest. The left shoulderpad must be repainted the same green as the chest with a dark rustic color or darker green trim to show loyalty to Nurgle. Any icons on the belt must be repainted the same color as the left shoulder trim. The right shoulderpad must remain standard. Any trim on the arms or legs must remain standard.*

So thats all the Cult Champions colors and whatnot, lemme know what you all think?

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