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Silent Knight Allies and Fluff

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Allied Forces**
~~Swamp Terrors~~

==Current Information==
-First appearence 339.M41 during a skirmish with Imperial Forces on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Imperial Forces suffered heavy casualties.

-Splintered off from the Swamp Breakers during the Androm Heretic War and fled through portals to the Eye of Terror with the Silent Knights.

-They are dedicated solely to Nurgle

-They are under command of Lord Zakk

-Current numbers are suspected to be low due to a low count of missing bodies after the Heretic War. It is unknown if they have a source of recruits via the Silent Knights or elsewhere.

-The Swamp Terrors bodies are rotted and decayed yet still fully functional.

-The Swamp Terrors are seen fused with thier weapons partially or fully. It is unknown if its a form of the Obliterator Virus but fusion rate is very low and has only been seen in thier hands and arms.

-Rot and pus ooze from thier joints and vents.


~~Death Guard~~

==Current Information==

-First appearence alongside Silent Knights 665.M41 during a raid of a small supply depo on an isolated world. *Record of location deleted*

-Is it suspected that a small detatchment has joined the Silent Knights to assist the Swamp Terrors with recruitment. A new theory as to why Death Guard marines have joined the warband without absorbing fully is because the Death Guard and Silent Knights are discussing an Alliance. This information is unconfirmed as of 995.M41.

-An unknown high ranking Death Guard has been spotted by deep infiltrating scouts speaking with Daemon Sorcerer Dimitri of the Silent Knights and Lord Zakk of the Swamp Terrors. Scout was killed after sending out the information about the gathering. 995.M41


==Silent Knight Information==

-Silent Knights are occupying a small planet inside the Eye of Terror not far from the edge. The planet has two moons with no sun, the warp energy illuminates the sky as if its daylight all over the world. The planet has a breatheable atmosphere with a few small bodies of water that covers about 30 percent of the surface. The plant life seems to be of mutated species of what orginally was on the planet before it was pulled into the Eye of Terror. The trees and plants do not need sunlight to grow, they feed off of the warp energy that flows around the planet. Due to how far the planet is from the center of the Eye, warp levels are rather low and therefor mutation is low risk, plant life is sustainable and animal life seems lightly mutated although most animals are small and energy efficient. Both of the planet's moons have the same atmosphere and small lakes with simular life.

-The Silent Knight's planet is currently unnamed

-Due to the planet being so close to the edge of the Eye makes Infiltrating effective. Although every infiltration is failed once infiltrators reach the surface. Its as if the Warband can feel the presence of outsiders.

-The Silent Knight's total warband numbers have been estimated to be around 400 strong. Thier numbers increase around 150 every 100 years with low casualties.

-The Silent Knights Warband is not known to strike first, they only strike back when attacked. They are conservative, looting equipment from fallen foes and looting tanks and vehicles to be converted for the Warband.

-The Warband is built on a Cult based system. Each Cult is a small group of marines ranging from 3 to 20 members. Each Cult has a Champion of a certain patron god and all members of the cult follow the Champion. Each Cult is given equipment and vehicles depending on how well they have served the warband. Usually Cults are given weapons that suit thier role. Some Cults dont have a Champion, usually a single marine carries a mark or banner of the patron god and leads them into battle. Each Champion is a member of the Silent Knight Council that is made up of the High Lords such as the Grand Lord (In this case Daemon Sorcerer Lord Dimitri), the Lord Sorcerers, Faction Lords (Such as Lord Zakk and the unknown Death Guard Lord) and all of the Champions of each existing Cult. The Grand Lord is the overall Leader of the Warband and has the final decistion, the Lord Sorcerers and Faction Lords fall under the Grand Lord then all the Cult Champions fall under the Lord Sorcerer and Faction Lords. Each Cult is free to act on its own as long as it doesnt effect the Warband as a whole.

-There is currently only one Unnamed Sorcerer Lord, he wears Terminator armor and worships Tzeentch. He never speaks on the battlefield. This Sorcerer is often seen with his personal Cult of heavily armored Terminators that is always seen on the frontlines casting powerful spells as his Terminator Cult mows down oncoming enemies.

-It seems the Silent Knights are fortifieing thier adopted planet with lunar defence platforms and a large fortress that is being contructed on the surface of the planet. Due to this the Warband has been on looting runs to various systems stealing supplies and destroying structures slavaging everything they can take back to thier planet.


More info and data coming soon

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