Thursday, June 10, 2010

Secret Project Unveiled....CHAOS SPACE MARINES!!!

Behold the Chaos Space Marines, known as traitor Space Marine Legions, Chapters, and Splinter Warbands that worship the dark powers of the Chaos Gods. They give themselves for power, wealth, and pleasure that is forbidden to every loyalist Space Marine in the Imperium.

Enough backstory, I'm currently too lazy to post anymore but I'm sure you get the idea. This is my secret project I will be working on over the next 6 months. Why 6 months? I don't have alot of money to pour into a second army so I'm going to start small....very small. I'm sure some of you are thinking "You already have a Generic Space Marine Army...why start a Chaos Space Marine Army?", reason being I think they are very cool and from what I've heard they are really fun to play. Although Jawaballs told me on his live show last night that Chaos Marines do not play well as a competitive army so it might be a fun army for Apocalypse or even a Tournament if I build a solid list that uses the better units for better purposes. Now I'm going to show you what I'm going to get first to start off. Since the codex is 30 bucks I wont be getting alot, so ill be getting this blister shown below...

It doesn't seem like much at first but this may be the only unit I'm going to get this upcoming Saturday along with the codex. This badass dude is sporting a Powerfist with what seems to be a CombiMelta, although I think the blister I have on hold may just be a sort of Hand Melta but I wont know until I get it. He does have standard Power Armor and he may have a invulnerable save but I dunno yet until I get the Codex. I will say this now I HATE bare heads...they are a pain to paint and make them look ill just give him a helmet. And for the record I like Helmet-heads better because I like my army to be as emotionless as possible, which is what I'm going for with this army.

Now I will be getting more units as I go but I might only be able to get the HQ blister this upcoming Saturday because some of my money goes to guitar lessons that are actually more important then this addicting hobby. This blister is actually only 10 dollars at my local hobby shop but I also need to get the codex and primer as well as paints for the color scheme which is what I'm about to discuss.

Now I decided to go with a Winter color scheme, Snowy White for the Primary color and an Icy Blue for trim and details, I used the Bolter & Chainsword Chaos Marine creator to create a basic image of the scheme below...

Now that I think of it a off white/whitish grey with a white highlight would work..but eh ill figure it out when the time comes. As I said these guys are going to be cold emotionless soldiers. They will follow the Chaos God "Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways" because the other gods would not fit the style I went with for these guys. They would be more silent and precise as if they were intelligent tacticians. And my second HQ will most likely be a Sorcerer. Hell I've even come up with their battle cry...well a wip battle cry lol. Tell me what you think of my concept for a Chaos Marine Army. Oh and I do have a name for them...The Silent Knights!(think about it....its from somewhere....) Take care and hope you like this :)

"Let the hands of change guide you to power, do not fear the dark Knowledge as it is a Gift from Tzeentch." Silent Knights Rally Cry (wip)

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