Sunday, June 13, 2010

The place where it all happens! COMICS MD!

Comics MD is where it all happens! Every Battle Report and every model I get comes from this heaven for everything gaming. You can even place special orders if they don't have what you need. They have everything from Pokemon Cards to Warhammer 40k/Fantasy Battles to Model Rockets and even Comics! They will also be stocking Warmachine and Hordes in the next month or so! And there is even word of bringing Wyrd Miniatures to the store! If you live in the southern Maryland area this is the go to place for Games of ALL kinds!

Okay enough of the rambling heheheheh. I am going to start supporting Comics MD when it comes to Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Every Saturday from Noon to 7 I manage the games for Warhammer 40k and I've been dunking my head into Warhammer Fantasy since the big 8 is on its way! So every Saturday I hang out the the Comic Shop and play Warhammer 40k all day and help people with their armies and offer conversion advice to help them save money. I met the owner of the shop and discussed what I've been doing and he was not fully aware of Warhammer 40k being played every Saturday for the last six months. For the last couple of years 40k and Fantasy were on the down low and hardly anybody played until a small group of gamers came back and tried to start it back up with surprising success. Now we always have 2 players upstairs and on a good day we have up to 4 or 5 people playing. If we have 3 or more people we usually put two tables together and play a big game or "Mini-Apocalypse". So if you live in the Southern Maryland Area or in Maryland itself come on by on Saturday from 12 to 7 and play some 40k with great players and a friendly atmosphere.

Comics MD LLC
15901 Indian Head HWY
Accokeek MD 20607

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