Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edision Launch Party....Meh

Sorry for my lack of Posts. I will try to get more out more often.

On July 10th Comics MD held a launch party for the new Fantasy Rulebook. I hosted it and Brian let me borrow the rulebook a week before release to read it so i know how to play for the party. When I got there Iplaced an order and went over prizes, there was to be a 50 dollar raffle for anything up to 50 bucks in the entire store. So we told anybody who came that we were having one and anbody who played a game using the new rules could be entered...Derryl showed with his entire Dark Elf army and he read up on the rules. We played a game with our 2 Lords, his Dark Elf Lord was mounted and had a weapon that ignored armor saves. I had oaken armor on my Wood Elf Lord that granted a 6 armor save and regeneration, and i gave him a sword that granted +1 attack. We went into close comat in turn 2 and he beat me easily. For the second game he lent me a mounted pikemen as a proxy for a Spellsinger and he geared up his lord to rack up points, so i had 2 models against 1. We ignored the percentages for this game by the way. I used my spellsinger's Bones to Stone to add plus 2 toughness to himself and he got charged. My spellsinger got one wound on the lord and then he took my Spellsinger out. Then he went after my Lord at full force, this time I charged him and pretty much smashed him with my 8 init'. Sadly Derryl had to leave after our games and nobdy else showed.

All that was left at the end of the day was Me and Trevor..Jimmy said to just make it a 40k tournament since five 40k players came to play 40k. So we split the raffle between us and got our stuff

He added 5 dollars onto his store credit and got the Ork codex

I added 10 dollars onto my store Credit and got a Chaos Space Marine Cult (Squad)

So it was pretty good in the end.

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