Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First ever Commisions

So I got my first two commisions over the wekeend. My friend Joe has been losing alot and we came to a conclution of why. One being he only uses Abbadon with a Chosen Squad with him at all time, and two he has too many Khorne Berserkers and not much else. So I went over different units and I told him if he cant decide what alligence to do with Chaos Marines...just go Undivided and pick pretty much anything using different Icons and marks. So I told him get a Lord on a Daemonic Mount...all of a sudden he pulls out a crudely painted Lord on Juggernaught. My jaw dropped from what I saw..I said these very words. "Dude! Why the fuck are you not using him!" And he didnt say much. So I offered to strip it and repaint it for him for 15 dollars, greenstuff for superglue support and everthing. So then we went over a second HQ. I immediately said Sorcerer, and I suggested Nurgle because Nurgles Rot is good for killing troops in close combat, and we sort of threw around ideas for wargear and decided to put it on a daemonic mount as well. I offered to do it for 5 dollars and convert a Lord body into a Sorcerer. Later on I came to the conclusion to give it wings instead of a mount to make it fast infantry so it can get in and out of situations easier. I will also sculpt a Familiar separate to make it a hyrid model for close combat/ranged and give it Nurgles Rot and Doombolt. I will have WIP posts on these models in the future. Oh and both models together are just 40 points more to field then Abbadon making it cheaper to field both HQ slots instead of using Abbadon and another HQ.

**The Khorne Lord on Mount will have Mark of Khorne, Daemonic Mount, Powerfist, Twin Linked Bolter
--Point Cost 160Pts--

**The Nurgle Sorcerer with have Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Nurgle's Rot and Familar modeled on a separate base giving the optional Psyker Power Doombolt
--Point Cost 155Pts, 170Pts with Familiar and Doombolt--

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