Sunday, August 22, 2010

Games Day 2010 results!

I was VERY tired afterwards but god damn it was fun! I got to meet Frits and Jawaballs at the Battle For Salvation Club Table and I played against Frits in the Meat Grinder for about 4 turns. I helped start the Grinder up with Jeremy by my side and I was amazed at what was happeneing.....Frits was slowing losing his Terminators as he advanced towards me but his dread got in close and whrecked my rhino and slowly started tearing away at my tactical squad. Then the one and only Brother Captain James came in with his Ultramarines and backed me up. Once James came out we slowly started to tear Frits up second turn. Then Sadly i had to drop out for a bit so i can go see what else games day had to offer.

They showed a 60 second trailer for the Ultramarine movie and I gotta say it looks pretty cool...although it is most likely for sure rated R due to alot of blood splatter and visable headshots in the trailer!

But other then that I played a couple games and made a piece of terrain from the Make and Take table. Now I dont have time for a long post but I will have some content on youtube about the event. I couldnt get much because for some reason my camera wasnt at full charge -.-


  1. Was Fritz, Jawa, and James the only ones at the bfs table?

    Either way it sounded like alot of fun

  2. Great playing with you guys, lots of fun!