Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swamp Breaker Army Point Count!

So I just finished basing every model in my Space Marine Army. The only two models not painted are my Ironclad and my Land Speeder Walker Conversion. Now my Ironclad may be panted before Gamesday if I find the time but I still need to fix up the arms and add some bits to the base. The Land Speeder Conversion will NOT be painted because its my entry into the Vehicle Conversion Contest being held by Games Workshop and they reccomend models be unpainted to see the conversion work. But this is all my Space Marine stuff and this is how big it is.

Yeah the picture is kinda crappy because it was taken at 10:30 PM but thats the size of it and i have every unit type grouped accordingly. Now below I have the point value and wargear typed out so I know what has what and how much it costs to field so i can pick and choose stuff for smaller games.


*Chapter Master w/ Power Pickaxe, Storm Shield, Artificer Armor, Jump Pack = 195
-Honour Guard 3 Strong /w Relic Weapon/Banner and Aux Grenade Launcher = 190
*Master of the Forge w/ Conversion Beamer and Power Axe = 135


*Tact Squad #1 10 Strong /w Power Sword, Rocket Launcher and Meltagun = 190
*Tact Squad #2 10 Strong /w Flamer = 170


*Rhino /w Extra Armor and Hunter Killer Missle = 60
*Razorback /w Extra Armor = 55


*Techmarine /w Servo Arm, Boltgun and Thunder Hammer = 80
*Venerable Dreadnought /w Extra Armor, Powerfist/Heavy Flamer and Assult Cannon or Plasma Cannon = 200
*Dreadnought /w Extra Armor, Twin Linked Lascannon, Missle Launcher = 160

--Fast Attack--

*Assult Squad 10 man /w Powerfist, Combat Shield, Two Plasma Pistols = 250
*Land Speeder Squadron 2 Strong = 190 Together
-Typhoon Standard = 90 Alone
-Tornado /w MultiMelta = 100 Alone
*Bike Squad 3 Strong /w Powerfist and Flamer = 120

--Heavy Support--

*Land Raider Crusader /w MultiMelta and Extra Armor = 275
*Devastator Squad 5 Strong /w 2 Plasma Cannons, Missle Launcher and Lascannon = 190
*Ironclad Dreadnought /w Extra Armor, Powerfist/Heavy Flamer, Chainfist/Meltagun and single Hunter Killer Missle = 170

Total Points of ENTIRE Army = 2510 Points

Holy crap...only 2510 Points!? I thought I was close to 3000 Points. Eh oh well, at least I know now I can field it all in 2500 Point games and kick some serious ass! >:D

I have every tank and dread with Extra Armor just for mobility reasons so they don't get stuck for too long. This army is very versatile and can face against any army in any table setup if I deploy in the right way. I normally field Tact Squad #2 in the Land Raider as backup and field Tact Squad #1 in the Rhino and take advantage of the access hatch to pop tanks and infantry and get away safely. I Field the Honour Guard and Master of the Forge in the Razorback and set up the Master Of The Forge at a spot he can fire his conversion beamer without interruption. The Honour Guard stick with the Master Of the Forge to watch his back. The Razorback sticks around as well in case the enemy decides to go after them. Mt Artillery Dread is normally deployed behind cover to provide heavy fire on tanks and infantry alike while my Venerable, Ironclad and Techmarine march forward and go after infantry and light tanks. My Assault Squad sometimes stay in reserve for deep strike or late deployment as my bikes turbo boost around the board like crazed junkies supplying confusion and cover fire for infantry as well as tank popping from behind. The Land Speeders stay back and shoot from a distance and fire on incoming enemies as well as supply supporting fire. My Land Raider lays waste to infantry as well as assistance in tank popping. My Devastator Squad deploys behind cover and sometimes march forward to supply volley fire using the plasma cannons and frag missiles as well as tank popping with the lascannon. My Chapter Master joins the Assault Squad and goes after infantry.

Well that is a rundown on what I do with my units. I will have tactics on each unit from time to time when I feel like doing it.

Hope you enjoyed! :D

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