Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nurgle Sorcerer Work In Progress

This is the commission Joe wanted, a Nurgle Sorcerer with wings. And here it is nearing completion. I finished the familiar and it kinda creeps me out....

Yeah its that creepy, imagine a slime monster but all cute and cuddly...and it looks like it wants to give you a hug! O,o

Here are shots from 4 angles

Cutest Nurgle slime EVER! I simply sculpted a blob of green stuff and added spike bits from the Possessed Marine kit for its arms and spikes, i also added the knife in its side as if some unlucky person got hugged!

Now on to the good bit. You want to see the Sorcerer right? RIGHT? Ok here it is. Its not done yet, I still need to sculpt up his back and add more rot to his body. His wings were a pain to get in place and i had to use wire to hold it all up using the sword as an anchor but it looks good after the fact.

Shots from 5 angles

Awesome right? I love how this guy is turning out, I hate to see him go...Let me know what you think?

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